Keynote speaker

Her Excellency Chief Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor

Vice President Of The Republic Of Liberia, Co-Chair, Steering Committee AGBS Berlin 2023.

„Recent global issues of Covid and War are a poignant reminder of the urgent need for African Nations to begin to look inwards for its survival and development;  and for its Leaders to put front and center its  agenda for African Industrialization which includes the participation of Women.

Vice President Chief Dr. Taylor has served in many private and public capacities; key amongst which are the following: 

  • President, Agricultural Cooperative Bank, 
  • Deputy Governor, National Bank of Liberia; 
  • now Central Bank of Liberia, First Lady of the Republic of Liberia, 
  • Senior Senator of Bong County, twice 
  • and currently the First female Vice President of Liberia

Vice President Chief Dr. Taylor is an Astute individual who holds the following degrees: Bachelor of Science in Economics, Masters in Banking and Finance( Honors graduate), MBA in Finance(Honors graduate), LLB in Law( Honors graduate), Graduate Diploma in International Relations ( Honors graduate), Master Class Certificate, in Business Management & Leadership.           

And as a result of her impactful work both at home and abroad, she has received the following Honorary Degrees: Honorary Degree in Leadership and Governance, Honorary Degree in Gender Development and Honorary Degree in International Relations.

Vice President Chief Dr. Taylor is a visible and very involved stateswoman. She is one of Liberia’s foremost advocates for increased and improved opportunities for women of Liberia and Africa; thus becoming a critical voice on cross-cutting issues at many frontlines in the battle to reposition Liberia for vibrancy, inclusiveness, productivity and democratic good governance. And desires an Africa that has risen to its highest potential, becoming an Unified, Industrialized and Productive Continent.

She is a grass rooter and a strong pillar of the Christian Community; a believer in women’s empowerment, multiparty democracy, freedom of speech, Human Rights and the Rule of Law.

As a result of her more than 20 plus years of experience in both the private and public sectors; she, unlike most politicians of today, has the privilege to be able to cut across political, social and ethnic lines, and has friends and collaborators in all political establishments in Liberia.  

Vice President Chief Dr. Taylor remains a strong voice for change and progress in our Nation and beyond , and an icon for Liberian and African Women. Her commitment to women empowerment goes beyond the ordinary; through her establishment more than 20 years ago of the Jewel Star Fish Foundation, which continues to provide education, empowerment, mentorship and leadership to girls in Liberia, Malawi, Ghana and Sierra Leone.

Vice President Chief Dr. Taylor has been a recipient of many accolades, Laurels and Awards from Local, National and International Organizations, ranging from humanitarian awards to outstanding Leadership awards.  Key amongst many of  are:

  • Women Activist Award, (2016) for her role in gender advocacy and empowerment, 
  • The Nation’s highest honor as Knight Great Dame, Order of the Most Venerable Order of the Pioneers in 2005; granted to her by Former President Charles G. Taylor for her service to the Nation as the 21st First Lady of Liberia;
  • The First Female to be given the Distinguished Traditional Title of   Venerable Chief in the National Traditional Council of Liberia in 2011,  a Chieftaincy title conferred on her by Traditional Chiefs and Elders of Bong County for her role in sponsoring the a bill which created the National Traditional Council of Liberia; and in full recognition of her exemplary Services to the traditional people. 
  • The Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Presidential Recognition Award for Humanitarian Services and contribution to Youth Development in Liberia from the (AAW Peace) African & American Women in 2011; 
  • The National Excellence Award for Exceptional National Service in 2011;
  • The National Excellence Award for Philanthropy in 2009;
  • (ECOWAS) ECOFEPA Good Will Ambassador, Abuja, Nigeria; 2015;
  • The Outstanding African Women Achievers Award,  as African Mentor and Role Model 2013, from the African Women Leadership Organization(AWLO), in Nigeria;
  • An African Leadership Award, as Outstanding African Female Leader of the Year 2012 from the African Leadership Awards, in Dubai;
  • 2019—listed as one of the 100 Most Influential African Women—ADVANCED MEDIA;
  • 2019— Most Influential African Woman Award—African Woman Barometer;
  • 2021 – One of 50 Most Inspirational African Female Leaders 
  • 2022 – Named International SHE4SHE Champion, SHE4SHE Summit Belize