Berlin, Germany 2023

March 23-24, 2023

Hotel Waldorf Astoria Berlin

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Advancing AFRICA's Global Private Sector Partnership'
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The Africa train has already left the station.
You are either on it or you risk becoming irrelevant.

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AGBS Berlin 2023 is a two days high level business summit, with exclusive Award Gala Dinner, that will feature top CEO’s from major African and international companies taking part along with business and political decision-makers from more than 35 countries across the continent of Africa, Europe, UK, USA, Asia and the Middle East.

AFRICA GLOBAL BUSINESS SUMMIT AGBS gives global financial actors, investors, development partners, and entrepreneurs an unmatched opportunity to spend two whole days identifying Africa’s main potential growth areas and to meet leading players from the African private and public sector alongside their counterpart from different parts of the world.




H.E Dr. Justina Mutale

Founder & President Justina Mutale Foundation 

I have attended several business events organised by Eden integrated services limited and Best Global Business, and I must say they are both excellent at mobilising influential business and political leaders. Their dint for professionalism, excellence and probity have continued to distinguish them from their competitors. Having attended the Poland Africa business forum organised by them which attracted several top businesses in central Europe and Africa, I have no doubt that AGBS Berlin 2023 will host impeccable business leaders, entrepreneurs and political elite from Africa and different parts of the world

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Prof. Killion Munyama

Senior Advisor in MD Global Agenda and Multilateral Affairs at The External Services Action (EEAS) in Brussels Elected member of the Polish National Parliament (2011-2021)

“In 2017 I was also invited as a keynote Speaker at a similar event the organisers put together in Warsaw; Poland Africa Business Forum. I am still impressed by the valuable contacts, companies and diplomats who made it to that event. What stood them out from all such events available in the market is the fact that it was strongly focused on business opportunities, B2B interactions, project pitching, partnership presentation, high level networking and engaging expert panels. This AGBS Berlin 2023 is certainly the place to be and the direction to look if you want to do business with Africa; either you are seeking funding for large scale projects, strategic trade partners, right contacts and valuable information about the Africa continent”

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Małgorzata Bieniaszewska

CEO of MB-Pneumatyka Ltd

To be honest, we are astounded. What we have found out here, how it was well organised. We have met people who are really competent, who can share their experiences with us, their knowledge and organise business contacts and connections.

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H.E Chief Dr. Jewel Taylor

Vice President of the Republic of Liberia

Am proud of the work Dr. David and his team are doing across the globe, indeed it is when we all as Africans come together to contribute our quota to the development of the continent that we can have a better society. The future of Africa depends on all of us, and can only develop if we all make a commitment to contribute our time, energy and resources to make it work. We must all celebrate the hard work by this team of selfless Africans indeed Africa is rising

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H.E. Ambassador Igor

Keynote Speaker and Co-Chair, Steering committee Africa Global Business Summit (AGBS Berlin 2022)

I had the opportunity to participate as a keynote speaker in the Poland Africa Business Forum in Warsaw in 2017 organised by Best Global Business and Eden integrated services limited. The organisation, quality of guests, expert facilitators knowledge base, businesses and organisations present were top notch and represented some of the brightest of Africa and Europe’s public and private sector. If you are looking for trade partners in Africa, strategic collaborations, global investors, business men and woman who understand the global market then you should plan to attend AGBS Berlin 2023

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Omenas Mensah

Founder and President of the Omenaa Foundation, producer of popular TV shows, philanthropist, business woman, Ambassador of FORBES Woman Poland

I am surprised by the number of people who participated from Africa, especially business men and women from Africa who came in to listen to presentations, engage in Panel discussions, in order to find the best way to cooperate with Polish businesses.

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Alistair Soyode

Founder and CEO of BenTV

​​It is a platform where you can find wonderful people, good companies, good organisation that you can connect and do business with

Sir. Xavier Rolet

Former CEO of London stock exchange

​​I am pleased to be speaking at the 7th Young CEOs business summit in Atlanta Georgia, my excitement is borne out by my shared commitment to continue to empower young business leaders from across the globe. Let me specially thank the organisers; David and his team for such great work.

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Ubong King

Ceo of Protection Plus Service Limited

It is better for you to see somebody face to face and shake hands, talk, listen and feel rather than just send email. I came to Warsaw. I came to Poland. I enjoyed the relationships and the opportunities to do business together.

ubong king

Why Africa?

  • Africa is one of the fastest-growing consumer markets in the world. 40% of the global population growth will be in Africa by 2050
  • More than 50% of Africa’s population is under 20 years old, making it the world’s youngest continent — in comparison only 28 % of the population of China is under 20 years old. 500 million Africans are between the age of 18 and 24. By 2040, the forecast is 1.1 billion — more than in China or India
  • In light of the increasing affluence, population growth, urbanization rates, and rapid spread of access to the internet and mobile phones on the continent, Africa’s emerging economies present exciting opportunities for expansion in retail and distribution.
  • Urban African consumers spend the largest share of their budgets (45%) on food and groceries —-more than the average consumer in the BRIC countries
  • Household consumption has increased even faster than its gross domestic product (GDP) in recent years—and that average annual GDP growth has consistently outpaced the global average.
  • Consumer expenditure on the continent has grown at a compound annual rate of 3.9 percent since 2010 and reached $1.4 trillion in 2015. This figure is expected to reach $2.1 trillion by 2025 and $2.5 trillion by 2030
  • In 2030, if the Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) is properly implemented, a single continental market for goods and services will be operational, offering corporations different points of entry to the continent and a potential market of 1.7 billion people.
who should
AGBS is not only open to CEOs of leading companies across Africa and across the globe.

It is also open to policy makers, business influencers of big companies and SMEs interested in growing their businesses networth and network into new markets.

Who should attend AGBS?

  • Chairman & Vice Presidents
  • Board Members
  • Managing Directors
  • Government Regulators /Agencies
  • Managing Partners
  • Business owners
  • Executive Directors
  • Founders & Principal Partners
  • Innovators
  • CEOs of Bluechips & SMEs
  • Enterprise builders
  • Trade Departments
  • Chambers of commerces
  • Diplomats
  • Developmats
  • Development partners &
    other revelant Stakeholders

Why Attend AGBS Berlin 2023

Why Attend AGBS Berlin 2023

Access more than 20 diplomats, State Fovernments, Ministers of Economy, Finance, trade & industry in the most dynamic African countries

Why Attend AGBS Berlin 2023

Government, meet leading CEO’s in Africa, Europe, Asia, USA and UK’s private sector

Why Attend AGBS Berlin 2023

Discover the most attractive investment projects through the Investment and Business Pitches

Why Attend AGBS Berlin 2023

Meet with trusted trade partners and representatives from both Government agencies and private sectors

Why Attend AGBS Berlin 2023

Exhibitions & Business Networking – Give your brand deserving global visibility

Why Attend AGBS Berlin 2023

Participate in a conference programme that includes panel discussions and debates moderated by key opinion leaders

Why Attend AGBS Berlin 2023

Understand the trade mechanism that drives Africa from the AfCFTA perspective

Why Attend AGBS Berlin 2023

Enjoy gala dinner celebrating and connecting with Enterprise Builders & Global Business Influencers from around the world

Planned Topics at AGBS

Planned Topics at AGBS
Advancing Africas global private sector partnership. Prospect & Challenges
Advancing Africas global private sector partnership. Prospect & Challenges
  • ICT – How Digital transformation is shaping the future of Africa.

    • EdTech & FinTech Revolution in Africa
    • The Future of Cyber Security in Africa
    • Block Chain Technology and the Future of works
  • ENERGY Renewables – How investments in energy production will shape economies especially Africa’s by 2030?

    • What investment and returns does the sector hold for international investors?
  • AGRIBUSINESS – innovation and digitization solutions necessary to ramp up growth for the African agribusiness sector.

    • Investment and qualifiers for investment, and avenues for Partnership between EU, the global market and the African private and public sectors.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE / CONSTRUCTION / REAL ESTATE / SMART CITY Investment opportunity and returns; strategic investment & partnerships that can revolutionise the sector in Africa.

    • In the next 30 years, Africa’s population is projected to double to 2.5 billion people and its urban areas will be home to an additional 950 million people. What international investors are looking for in local equity and financing partners to guarantee investment for the sector?
  • AFRICA EXPORT/IMPORT –  Prospects & challenges post COVID.

    • Understanding the Africa Export market:
      Raw materials supply; Supply chain issues; Export documentations & procedures; Logistics and freights; Financing, Pricing & legal issues
  • HEALTH – impact of Technology and the economics of Scale.

    • Unlocking the Partnership Potential between Africa’s Pharma industry and her counterpart in Europe and the global market.
  • Panel topic Leading Gender Equality Campaign As Smart Economics

Confirmed Speakers


Hotel Waldorf Astoria Berlin

AGBS will be hosted at Hotel Waldorf Astoria a luxury 5 star hotel close to The Kurfuerstendamm Shopping Boulevard.
Our guest can choose to gaze over the skyline from one of Waldorf Astoria Berlin’s luxurious rooms and suites including Berlin’s largest suite, which has hosted presidents, dignitaries and iconic celebrities.
You are at liberty to book for your room directly from Hotel Waldorf Astoria’s website through the link below.
Hotel Waldorf Astoria’s

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AGBS Award Gala Dinner

The Africa Global Business Summit, AGBS BERLIN 2023 will also feature a high-level Award dinner with all pumps and pageantry associated with class and nobility. The Award dinner will take place on the eve of the 23rd of March, 2023 at the same conference venue.

The Award dinner events are not only glamorous but will attract high net worth and influential personalities. At this event we celebrate, honor and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and working professionals from different continents; Africa, ASIA, USA, North America and Europe. It is also the gathering of friends and collaborators, partners, sponsors, influential political and business leaders, creating a perfect platform to explore and harness business transactions. In a nutshell it serves as an appreciation evening for collaborators, partners, sponsors, civil society groups, the media and Local City councils who made contributions to advance the AGBS Berlin 2023 event.

Award Categories will be announce soon

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About Organizers

With Combined experience spanning over 17 years Eden integrated services limited and Best Global Business has the expertise, resources, team and experience providing us the necessary impetus to birth such a huge business platform; the Africa Global Business Summit (AGBS, Berlin 2023).

The AGBS Berlin 2023 enables global companies, countries, and entrepreneur to promote, develop, expand and introduce their products and services to new international markets, especially the African markets.

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Previous partners & sponsors
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Previous speakers

jewel taylor Her Excellency Chief Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor Vice President of the republic of Liberia
jacek jedruszak Mr. Jacek Jędruszak Head of Departament in the Departament of Africa Countries
mary ojulari Mary Ojulari Fmr. Chief finance Officer at Forbes Africa & CNBC Africa
goodluck ebele H.E Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Former President of the Republic of Nigeria
omenaa mensah Omenaa Mensah Enterpreneur, founder of brands: Occhiella and Amante, the luzury furniture brand Ammandora and president of the Omenaa Foundation
alistair soyde Dr. Alistair Soyode Former Nigerian Presidential Candidate and Founder of First Black owned TV in London: BNETV London
xavier rolet Xavier R. Rolet KBE Former CEO of London & NewYork Stock Exchange
kornel morawiecki Kornel Morawiecki Former Senior Marshal - special guest opening speech at PABF
michal nidzgorski Michał Nidzgorski Deputy Commercial Director for the Foreign Markets Cooperation URSUS S.A.
mathew phosa Dr. Mathew Phosa South African business man, Attorney and Formet Premier of Mpumalanga South Africa
maciej lisowski Maciej Lisowski head of Department Automotive Engineering West Pomeranian Engineering, West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin
heineken lokpobiri Hon. Heineken Lokpobiri Minister of State for Agriculture Nigeria
janusz musialski Janusz Musialski Market Dorector Adrica region Feerum S.A.
malgorzata bieniaszewska Małgorzata Bieniaszewska Owner of PN Pneumatyka
julius zellah Julius Zellah President of the Light for Africa Foundation
alicja bajowska Alicja Bajowska Vice President of the Light for Africa Foundation
igor cesar H.E Marcel R. Tibaleka Ambassador of Uganda to Germany
bwalya stanley H.E Bwalya Stanley Kasonde Chiti Ambassador of the Republic of Zambia
ubong king Ubong King Nigerian business consultant, security expert and speaker

Summary from Poland African Business Forum

Ticket options


1 497 € net + VAT

  • Entry for first and second day of conference
  • Coffee & tea break first and second day
  • Networking opportunity with business professionals from Africa, EU, and global markets, first and second day of conference
  • Lunch first and second day of conference
  • Opportunity to ask questions to panellist speaker during panels discussions
  • Opportunity to listen to all companies pitching during second day
  • Power Networking – networking sessions with key persons from Government Policy Makers, CEOs and business men and women
Award gala dinner (Optional)

+ 997 € net + VAT / per person


2 197 € net + VAT

  • Entry for first and second day of conference
  • Pitching session-possibility to get expose and present own company/product on the stage on front of strong key business people, investors, Government authorities
  • Coffee & tea break first and second day
  • Networking opportunity with business professionals from Africa, EU, and global markets, first and second day of conference
  • Lunch first and second day of conference
  • Opportunity to ask questions to panellist speaker during panels discussions
  • Opportunity to listen to all companies pitching during second day
  • Power Networking – networking sessions with key persons from Government Policy Makers, CEOs and business men and women
Award gala dinner (Optional)

+ 997 € net + VAT / per person

Sponsorship package

Join the league of AGBS sponsors and give your company and brand the visibility it deserves!
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1 497 € net + VAT


2 197 € net + VAT