Keynote speaker

Prof. Killion Munyama

Senior Advisor in MD Global Agenda and Multilateral Affairs at the European External Services Action (EEAS) in Brussels Elected member of the Polish national Parliament (2011-2021). Co-Chair, Steering Committee AGBS Berlin 2023.

Polish/Zambian professor of international finance and economics. 

Advisor in MD Global Agenda and Multilateral Affairs at the European External Services Action (EEAS) in Brussels. Elected member of the Polish National Parliament (SEJM) from 2011-June 2021.

He has lectured international finance, banking and international economics at the Universities in Poland since 1994. He has been a visiting professor at Thessaly University at Volos, Greece, Ternopol University of Economics, Ukraine, Victoria Falls University, Zambia and Heilbronn University, Germany. 

Served as delegated by the SEJM to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in Strasbourg, France; an elected member of the Great Poland Regional Assembly 2007-2011; an elected member of the district council of Grodzisk Wlkp, Poland from 2002-2006.

Professor Munyama performed the following functions:Chairperson of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Grodzisk District Council; Vice-Chairperson of the Budgetary and Finance Committee of the Great Poland Regional Assembly; Chairperson of the Parliamentary Team on Africa in the National Parliament; Vice-Chairperson of Sub-Committee on Financial Institutions in the National Parliament; Chairperson of parliamentary bilateral groups: Polish-Zambian, Polish-Ethiopian, Polish-Kenyan in the SEJM; Chairperson of the Sub-Committee on Diaspora and Integration in the PACE; Vice-Chairperson of the Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons in the PACE; Head and member of trade and investment delegations from Poland to Angola, Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia.

Since 2002 Prof. Killion Munyama has actively participated as a keynote speaker of panellists in conferences, workshops, roundtables and seminars organised by entities connected with People of African Descent (PAD). He has worked closely with Non-Government Organizations (such as Never Again in Poland) fighting against discrimination of all kind. 

-How strategic do you think the AGBS Berlin 2022 will be for business owners, trade agencies, development partners, and countries in Africa and those from other regions around the world?

„I think it will be very strategic. In 2017 I was also invited as a keynote Speaker at a similar event the organisers put together in Warsaw; which was Poland Africa Business Forum. I am still impressed by the valuable contacts, companies and diplomats who made it to that event.

What stood them out from all such events available in the market  is the fact that it was strongly focused on business opportunities, B2B interactions, project pitching, partnership presentations, high level networking, engaging expert panels and breathtaking Keynote speeches. 

This AGBS Berlin 2022  is certainly the place to be and the direction to look if you want to do business with Africa; either you are seeking funding for large scale projects, strategic trade partners, right contacts and valuable information about the African continent.”

-Prof Killion Munyama