Magdalena Radecka

Entrepreneur, Facilitator, Business & Mindset coach, International speaker Co-Founder and organiser of Africa Global Business Summit (AGBS) Ceo of Best Global Business (BGB) Ltd

Magdalena consults and provides comprehensive services in the field of business development. Her company specialises in international trading and connecting partners in the B2B sector in different industry branches and helping companies to expand into new markets, especially African markets, among other offering services such sourcing and connecting suppliers with clients, or investors with projects. In addition, she leverages her networks and verse event management expertise in hosting top global conferences and trade missions. As a business & mindset coach she inspires, motivates and supports others in their growth, both personal and professional. She helps others to go through the process of any change they go through. Helping to understand emotions, get rid of stress, limiting beliefs and fears. Magdalena believes that if you face your fears, believe in yourself, and embrace change, there is nothing that you can’t accomplish in your personal life and in your professional life.