Jeanne Adili Ndatirwa

The president of the group of spouses of African Ambassadors (GSAA) and the wife of the Rwandan Ambassador to Berlin.

Jeanne Adili Ndatirwa is the president of the group of spouses of African Ambassadors (GSAA) and also the wife of the current Rwandan Ambassador to Berlin.

Jeanne is a member of the board of Ideas in Motion and Forecast: German not for profit organisation working with experts and entrepreneurs, organisations that work to connect talents worldwide in the fields of architecture, design, business, entrepreneurship, Information Technology, photography, composition, curating, and scientific fiction both in Germany and from around the world.

Jeanne is also a member of the board of Ubuzima Foundation, an independent organization, working with the Ministry of Health in Rwanda, and in charge of scaling up access to high quality health services to the people of Rwanda.

Before devoting her full-time work hours to her current role, Jeanne worked as a financial expert with extensive knowledge and working experience in accounting, finance and information systems management.

Jeanne worked for 3 years as the Interim Dean for the Masters of Business Administration (MBA program ) at the Jewish American University, Touro Berlin College.

Jeanne also worked as the Director of finance at Campus St-Jean, U of Alberta and as account Manager at Ford Credit Canada.

Jeanne earned a degree in Business with a major in Accounting and was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Scholarship for the Highest GPA in Graduate Studies at Athabasca University for on-going studies in a Masters Degree program in Information systems .

Her hobbies include reading, traveling and flying single engine propeller planes.