Keynote speaker

H.E. Ambasador Igor Cesar

H.E. The Ambasador of the Republic of Rwanda to Germany, Co-Chair, Steering Committee AGBS Berlin 2023.

H.E. Igor Cesar, since 2015, is an Ambassador of the Republic of Rwanda in Germany and accredited for seven other countries in Europe. 

Living on three continents (Africa, Europe and North America) and growing in a bicultural home; Igor Cesar has learned early in life the art of building bridges between people of different cultures. 

Community building and social justice activism are two fields of practice that Igor Cesar has worked extensively in since his youth, first as a member of the then Association de la Jeunesse Rwandaise en Exile in Burundi. 

And in Canada, where he has taken many leadership positions in community organizations; as the President of the Francophone Multicultural Association of Alberta (AMFA).

Igor Cesar also chaired the Canadian Federal Advisory committee of the Court Challenge Program-Equality rights committee. He co-founded the first French welcome and settlement agency in Edmonton (CAE); He also worked as The Executive Director for FAFA (The Umbrella organization for Francophone seniors of Alberta. 

Igor co-founded Ubuntu Edmonton and Centre César in Kigali (a Non-Profit Organization and a community centre that work with a community of widows and orphans of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi);

He is also a founding member of the Global Diaspora Network, an Non-Profit Organization, an umbrella under which the Rwandan Diaspora associations from around the world are coordinated.

Besides being a community builder, Igor Cesar is an entrepreneur who has worked in real estate development with his father respectively as Vice and Chair of the MA Architect Cesar & Cesars Ltd, an architecture firm specialized in affordable housing solutions development in Canada, Cameroon and Madagascar.

He has also been involved in developing various projects in Rwanda with the Western Province Investment Corporation Ltd (WESPIC) among them is the development of a modern Abattoir and a Five Star Hotel in Rusizi. 

Igor Cesar has received many awards for his involvement in community building and social justice activism. Some of these awards are:

  • The Certificate of Recognition for the promotion and creation of youth employment in Canada by the Minister of Canadian Heritage.
  • The Certificate of Recognition for the Advancement of building a multicultural society  by (AMFA).
  • The Leadership bursary by the University of Alberta, Campus Saint-Jean

“The African economy consists essentially of SMEs. The connection between German and African medium-sized companies is the basis of Economic Developments. We must therefore strengthen business cooperation, knowledge sharing, responsible investment and strategic collaboration with Europe and the west to strengthen mutually beneficial trade and partnership between Africa and the rest of the world.

If you are you looking for trade partners in Africa, collaborators, global investors, business men and women who understand the global market then you should plan to attend AGBS Berlin 2022” 

– H.E. Ambassador Igor Caesar

Ambassador of the Republic of Rwanda to Germany.