Diombass Diaw

Head of the Economic Office at the Embassy of Senegal in Warsaw, Poland

Since 2015, as a Chef du Bureau Economique Ambassade du Sénégal en Pologne Diombass Diaw is in charge of economic cooperation between Poland and Senegal. He participated in business and economics forums, which aimed to strengthen economic ties between the two countries. He successfully allowed several investors to make partnerships. He is motivated to continue in this line, and represent the perfect intermediary between Senegal and Poland or any other country of the European Union. An electrical engineer with over 22 years of experience in the field of energy, particularly in the management of rural electrification projects. Diombass Diaw entered government in 2014 and became Technical Advisor to the Minister of Energy, Industry and Mines. He has also worked as the President of the Circle of Studies and Reflection of Oualo (CERO) , an association working for the development of Walo, the northern region of Senegal.  In addition to this, he has carried out several missions in around ten countries in Africa and Europe