Deitra Crawley

Partner, Taylor English Duma LLP; Adjunct Professor of Law, Emory University School of Law

Deitra Crawley brings extensive domestic and international experience providing strategic counsel to a range of clients. A well-rounded and dynamic practitioner of the law, Ms. Crawley is known for driving efficiency for clients. Ms. Crawley’s background underscores her agility and professionalism as a general counselor.

Having fostered partnerships abroad–including projects in South Africa, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, the European Union and Australia, Ms. Crawley is well-versed in partnering with senior leaders on strategic planning and overseeing corporate governance. Having supported large business transactions and agreements, she possesses unique insight into the world of negotiations and associated business structures.

With an eye on corporate management and alignment, Ms. Crawley’s legal path led her to partner with a number of corporations seeking general counsel support. Each client experience reinforced her passion as a strategic legal advocate and her commitment to setting businesses up for long-term success. Ms. Crawley seeks to not only advise but empower clients, which she continues in her role as factional general counsel. In addition to being a generalist, her background in Federal government procurement afforded experience in navigating regulations, designing and implementing custom-tailored compliance programs for small-to-medium enterprises, advising enforcement actions, and performing compliance due diligence in mergers and acquisitions.

Ms. Crawley’s quest for betterment extends beyond client work to serve the greater community. Her work with Scouts BSA, Trees Atlanta and launch of her own non-profit organization Global Community MILK underscore her continued efforts to enhance and improve the world around her.

Community Involvement:

Atlanta Area Council Scouts of America Board of Directors

Southwest Atlanta Partnership, Inc. Board of Directors/Secretary

Trees Atlanta Board Member

Global Ties Alabama, Board Member, Officer and Advisory Council

Cyber Huntsville, Board of Directors, Membership Chairperson, 2013-2014

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.